Granada Restaurant & Pub, Hurghada


About us

Granada Restaurant & Pub, is the ultimate casual formal fine dinning setting, right on the sea view. Breathing in the calm aroma of salty red sea air. Feeling the warm breeze while enjoying a tasty meal or enjoying drinks with great friends. Granada is also the ideal atmosphere for private & corporate events. Our restaurant concept founded on making food from scratch everyday while our chef's hand chopping and slicing all vegetables and meats, scratch cooking every sauce & creating all international dishes we serve here at granada restaurant & pub. Granada main goal is to always have a high quality of food to make our customers enjoy every part of it.


House Rules

  • Dress code should be causal wear or formal

  • Pets are not allowed

  • Not allowed to bring food and beverage from outside

  • We have the right to refuse any service to anyone not cooperating with rules of Granada restaurant & Pub

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Your safety is our priority

Our staff wears masks and is checked to ensure they are symptom-free.

We wash our hands thoroughly and regularly.

Dining areas have been reorganized to meet social distancing guidelines.

Hours of Operation

Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

Sunday - Saturday

9:00 AM - 4:00 AM